2017-2018 Board

Updated Sunday February 25, 2018 by Cyndi Tumminia .

2017-2018 RPCRB Board Members 

President  Cyndi Tumminia  Email 707-292-7240
Vice President  Nick Neisus Email 707-799-4414
Secretary  Victoria Phillips  Email 707-540-3555
Treasure  Elrica Cruz  Email 707-324-9545
Director of  Baseball Operations  Tyler Reichert  Email 707-540-1975
Director of Communications  Ashley Hansen  Email 425-343-2368
Director of Concessions  Cara Denson  Email 707-477-4140
Director of Concessions  Lynn Rhode  Email 510-909-9033
Director of Equipment  Chris Vachini  Email 415-720-4603
Director of Field and Facilities  Jeff Tatman  Email 707-583-4324
Director of Sponsorships  Marie Rodnick  Email 707-548-2201
Director of Umpires  Mike Leboy  Email 707-479-1492
Director of Uniforms  Dennis Derammelaere Email 415-760-2019
Player Agent Shannon Yebra  Email 707-888-8773
Scheduler  Diane Tucker  Email 707-280-5385
Team Parent Coordinator  Alisha Sherrill Email 707-304-4016
Member at Large: Kim Bradley Email 707-480-7053
  Justin Norman  Email 707-495-9912
  Kaci Sanchez  Email 415-310-4822
  Keith Sherrill Email 707-304-4011

League Email rpcalripken@yahoo.com

League Field Hotline Number 707-525-4823 Info only