Snack Bar

Updated Monday September 4, 2017 by Cyndi Tumminia.

  Thank you for choosing to play Rohnert Park Cal Ripken. A large part of our league is parent involvement. Part of that is the staffing the snack bar for home games. For each home game there must be two adults. You may include one younger worker 15 and up with two adults. We understand some parents must have their younger children with them. For safety reasons and respect of others we need to keep this to a minimum. Those under 15 are not to touch the cash register.

NO items in the snack bar are to be given away!

Umpires are allowed a hot dog if they are left over at the end of the game and water or Gatorade for each game worked.

   Snack bars are located at A, B1 and Cator. Workers will need to sign in at the start of each shift. Specific instructions for each snack bar will be posted at the parks. Your team is required to have workers in the snack bar 30 minutes prior to game time. Failure to staff snack bar will result in a forfeit for your team.

   At all parks there will be a snack bar manager or board member to open and lockup the snack bar. Please note they are only there to handle money and lockup not to clean. Cleaning and stocking is the responsibility of the teams working the snack bar.

    Please fill supplies as needed. Rotate older stock to the front as you do. Cleanup to include but not limited to, coffee pots, crock pot, hot chocolate machine, hot dog machine, nacho area, wipe counters, sweep and mop floors.

    We are also responsible for the bathrooms. As you may or may not know this has been a problem in the past. If we all work on maintaining the snack bars and bathrooms they will remain clean. We need to do at least a general cleaning after every game. This includes in between games. If you are unable to clean you will need to get someone from your team to help. Cleaning info will be available at each park.


Thank you,

Cara Denson & Lynn Rhode



Directors of concessions